The Hardware Side of Cryptography

4 November 2010

Moving to LPC2103

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I’ve got a new 32-bit microcontroller board (MCB2103) 3 months ago. I tried to google around to set-up my cross compiler to work for LPC2103. You know, I found myself lost and desperate, haha😀.

Finally, some couple weeks ago i found a nice blog provided me how to setup gcc to work for LPC2103.

My first attempt was to create chasing light on it’s GPIO and guest what, it works.

I know, it’s quite a long time i discarded this blog. I researched nothing and i have nothing to post. My job really takes my concentration a lot. I really missed the moment when i was taking my undergraduate degree, taking small research and post some crypto stuff.

My current project forces me to focus on P2020 Security Engine (SEC 3.1) to bring up all cryptographic functionality within RTOS platform. I hope someday i could write some more advanced cryptographic stuff about P2020 Security Engine, just for the sake of fun. All GPL, all open source.

For the short term. I’ll do a small research to implement a full speed (115200bps) RS232 encryptor based on LPC2103. This would be my first crypto stuff on ARM based processor😀.

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